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We  have  a  series of  containers for lease purposes and they  range  from 10', 30'  to  40'. From small information booths  that are 10' to VIP lounge containers that are 40'. These  are ideal for  sponsorship activations and they are completely customizable and can be deployed and move in a quick manner. Contact us for details. 

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art installations

We have had the opportunity of working with recognized artist  world  wide  to  custom   build  pieces  for  their  art  installations.  Working  in   different   parts   of   the  globe  can  be   challenging, at ARCA we also offer consultation for those artist abroad bringing their shows to the area of South Florida. Have an art installation project ? Feel free to contact us.

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We offer different options for customizable containers. We can  manufacture  locally or with our partners located North  of  Florida,  ideal for larger projects. We also have container modules that are completely customizable and are a perfect fit for quick deployments and short events. 

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specialty projects

We know there is a need for custom build pieces for your event, show, home or even office. At Arca our talented team of welders and carpenters can build a custom piece for you. From specialty bars for your restaurant to custom projects.


From bamboo/wood  props  to  steel  builds,  we  offer an extensive  line  of  rental  props  that  can  fit your event or festival. Feel  free  to  request  our  Press-Kit  of rentals to see the best fit for your event or send us the details of your event so we can recommend the best fit for you. 

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furniture rentals

Because of our great relationship with REDNOIR we can offer great prices in furniture rentals. Feel free to contact us or contact Rednoir directly for furniture inquiries. We have a large selection of furniture pieces that will work great with you space.

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